Fast food. Pros and Cons.

Talks about fast food may seem trivial but fast food topic shouldn’t be dropped.

Today I am going to speak about pros and cons of fast food. You know, like when you know you should forget someone and you make a cons list? Anyway, maybe it will be easier for some of you to let go if you carefully think about all the advantages and disadvantages.


1.It is fast. Well, it is kind of obvious. There is no need to go to the store, choose all the ingredients, then go home and spend two or even more hours cooking. Most of us just don’t have that much time. It is way easier to go to the McDonald’s or other place and buy a burger.

2.It is cheap. Relatively cheap. And it is definitely cheaper than buying products and spices (and buying oven-tray, special pens and other stuff like this).

3.It is delicious. Most of us can’t resist the smell of fresh bread and steak, sweet and fizzy soda. It gives us all the sugar and energy we need. People tend to be food addicts.

4.Fast food is sustaining food. Eating it you can satisfy hunger very fast.

These are all advantages I can think of. I asked a couple of friends of mine and they are having a hard time finding any other pros too. So now I am just going to proceed to cons.


1.Fast food is bad for the stomach: we all know how harmful soda can be – it practically eats your stomach and can cause gastritis or even ulcer. Most of us have seen the video where one Mentos candy dropped into the bottle of soda causes the soda fountain.

2. Besides, hamburgers and sandwiches it’s just a bunch of different ingredients that may taste good but are not necessarily supposed to go together. So basically, fast food messes with your metabolism and your whole digestion system.

3.Too much sugar and indigestion and can cause one more problem: obesity. This is the illness most fast food fans suffer from.

4.Too much fried food, oil and etc. can be dangerous not only for your stomach: carcinogens may put your life at risk. “We are what we eat” – this is a very old saying but it is so true.

5.Insanitary conditions. You don’t know who cooked your meal and how it was cooked, fast food is made fast and you can’t be sure you eat a quality meal.

6.Cheap ingredients. Most fast food restaurants prefer to use cheap products for cooking. You never know how fast they may go bad. When you cook your meal, you always choose ingredient carefully, because you are the only one who cares about what you eat.

7.You may become addicted to fast food.

I listed pros and cons here. Cons outnumber pros only by 2. But if you think about it, cons are much more significant. What will you choose: good health or fast pleasure?

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  1. bacon said:

    That burger looks phenomenal!

  2. Marty said:

    Hey, good post. I like how you have lots of cons about fast food. Fast food is delicious I can’t just stop eating it!

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