Get Slim Without Starving Yourself To Death

People who would like to get thinner usually think that eating only a few grains of pea during a day would help them obtain good figure faster. It is usual that strict diets suggest avoiding starchy foods, fry and smoked meat products. But they also never show you the way how you can avoid all these unwholesome products when they are so tasty in fact.

The question that has to be answered is how does one organize our daily ration in order not to gain weight and never exhaust oneself with useless starving?

Let us try to figure out a way to treat us right so that we can keep fit and feel satisfied with the food.

  1. Eat at an easy pace. Eating process is an ambrosian pleasure you should certainly get satisfaction from. It is clear that in the rhythm of our city lives it is rather hard to do anything slowly. We have to finish our work, go shopping, communicate with colleagues and complete a lot of other petty deals. Even the dinner at 7 p. m. is usually so quick that we don’t ever get to enjoy it. And a half an hour breakfast before going to college or work seems absolutely impossible.

    Our brain never receives the corresponding signal of being full right away. Approximately twenty minutes period is required for our body to feel satiated. Even if you eat a double portion of food in less than 20 minutes you won’t be satisfied immediately.

  2. Chew food thoroughly. Needless to say that it’s impossible to crunch your meal in a short amount of time. Our stomach does not have any jaws our teeth so why not just use the ones we have in our mouth at full capacity? This way you will make it easier for your stomach to digest your dinner in the most effective way.

  3. Never use food to relieve stress, it is not working in any case. If you are in a bad mood it is not recommended for you to consume another chocolate bar or a pack of cookies. Having extra weight as a result will be much more stressful to you and if you are constantly eating it off it may turn into an endless circle of obesity in future.

  4. Don’t eat when you are not really hungry. Haven’t you noticed that sometimes you ask yourself a question like: Am I starving right now? or Do I want to eat right now? The answer is most likely yes and you are heading to the fridge hoping to satisfy this fake hunger. When you are really hungry, there is no place for such a question, you just desperately need to have your meal. Your stomach feels hot and irritated and you start losing your temper and this is what a real hunger is.

  5. Stop eating when you start feeling good. It is absolutely fine to leave food on the plate when you are full. The price of food that is left is never equal to the price of your efforts you apply to get your weight down later on. Never blame yourself for throwing away the left-overs. You can consider those as the potential fat on your body you are getting rid of in advance.

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