The Best Cat Breeds

The most popular pets are cats. They don’t require that much care, they don’t smell, they are cute and cuddly. When one makes up his / her mind to get a cat, they have a tough choice: there are too many cat breeds and they all seem to be nice and pretty.

Here I wasn’t to list some of the cat breeds and tell you a little something about each one of them. May be this will help you to choose a breed of your future pet.

1.Maine Coon Cat.

These cats have big fluffy tails and big heads. Maine Coon cat can be of any color. The owners of Maine Coon cats claim that ever cat has its character; they are smart, helpful, very quiet and kind. Some say they almost don’t mark the territory. They don’t get as many mats of hair as Persian Cats, so it is ok to brush their hair once in a few days.

Maine Coon cats are very strong, but they don’t need any special food. But they do need a lot of fresh and clean water to drink.

As I mentioned above, these cats are very friendly and can co-exist with other animals in the house, so if you have a dog, Maine Coon cat is going to be a perfect choice.

2.Siberian Cat.

The main advantages of these cats over the other breeds is that they don’t require much care, there is no need to brush their hair so often, they eat usual cat food, and they are hypo allergic.

These cats are pretty friendly, funny and active. They are very playful, fast and good at catching small animals (mice, rats and even rabbits!), so if you have pet rats, getting a Siberian Cat is not a very good idea.

3.Bengal Cat.

Bengal cat looks a lot like a small leopard. These cats are very loyal and like to spend a lot of time with their owners. It is not just what they like it, they need it. They are not at all aggressive. Bengal Cats require a lot of attention, and if you are not sure you can spend enough time with a cat, maybe you shouldn’t get a Bengal Cat.

They are very smart and playful like Siberian cats. Their ancestors were wild cats and they needed to survive, so Bengal Cats learn fast and capable of doing a lot of tricks: thy open doors, turn the lights on and off, flush the toilet.

Bengal cats have weak stomachs so you need to choose their food carefully.

4.The American Short-hair Cat.

It is surprisingly strong, healthy and very beautiful cat. These cats are described as very lazy and calm. They like eating a lot, this is why their owners should make sure their cats are active enough. They may be of different colors but their main feature is – beautifully curved lines and straps.

No matter what cat you choose, treat it like a family member, because it is.

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