Is Birthday a Holiday for Everyone?

I hate my birthday, but I used to celebrated it regularly since my childhood. I decided to give up this habit since this year and now I throw all my effort to convince my relatives and acquaintances to forget about this stupid custom to wake me up early in the morning with their phone calls which don’t cease the whole day. I may be at work waiting for an important call and instead an announcement of a new contract I have to hear all these wishes of happiness and blah-blah-blah reaching out of my handy. In my personal opinion it’s a completely fussy holiday, I would even say that it’s not a holiday. I feel pity that I wasn’t born on the 29th of February, so that I had an opportunity to stand this hustle only once in four years. I’m not too lazy to organize a celebration or search for a suitable party place, I simply don’t like it. It seems to be the best if one celebrate the birthday in summer. There’s a chance to go to a seaside of have a picnic in the nearest forest in a big company. A sea coast is a good choice by the way. But I wouldn’t advise you to go to the most popular club- everybody tried to have a birthday party in a club at least once and knows what it is. A perfect idea for the one who doesn’t have friends, as stated by Beigbeder and I totally agree with him.

On my birthday I left home and left my handy on the kitchen table and when I came back it was a late night already. The next morning when I switched it on there was a whole avalanche of texts with wishes and the notifications that this or that subscriber was trying to get at me but luckily failed. Later there appeared the messages saying that it wasn’t fair to hide on the birthday and steal from your friends a chance to congratulate you. The hidden message however could read quite easily: “how dare you have a party somewhere without bothering to invite us”. Everyone suddenly reminiscences of your existence on your birthday. But where were all of you during the recent few months, my dear friends? The thing which is really unfair is to pop up in my life only once a year.

A birthday is when three hundred of your friends left a message for your on Facebook with a lot of smiles and wishing “many happy returns of the day”. Conceal your date of birth and I bet that you’ll receive no more than fifteen messages. Ten of them will be sincere and for sure they will appear to be sent by your relatives and a pair of bosom friends.

That is a holiday for your closest people who are happy to remember you since childhood and praise you and love you, no matter what may happen.

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