10 Taboos Of The Past: Social Deadly Sins

Time’s changing, and so do the rules of social behavior. Nowadays, most of the restrictions and shameful deeds of the past appear to be absolutely innocent though. Let’s learn a couple of new interesting facts about social behavior.

  1. XIX century ball-nights were an integral part of social life and a magneto for the powers that be. Political conspiracies and marriages were concluded there. Nevertheless, the rules of behavior on these balls were quite tough. Thus, a gentleman couldn’t ask the same lady to dance with him more than 3 times. Otherwise, he was supposed to propose her. It wasn’t obligatory, but if he didn’t make a proposal, he’d cause a big scandal that could affect his own reputation and the reputation of the lady.
  2. Applying makeup on public was considered as an extremely shameful action. Moreover, even a mere looking in the mirror in the street was absolutely unacceptable.
  3. It’s not a secret that people of the past used to wear gloves all the time. Meanwhile, they were a domestic accessory. In spite of the fact that people had different gloves for various occasions (sport events, ball-nights, hunting and even special gloves for servants), putting them on public were unacceptable. One only could do this at home and never put them on while on public.
  4. It was inappropriate to write grammatically in Russian schools of 1920s. Proper writing was considered to be a non-proletarian feature and one could even inform against a person whose school papers were filled without grammatical mistakes.
  5. It’s a bad taste in Great Britain to knit on public. Nevertheless, you can tell stories about knitting. By the way, knitting is becoming more and more popular in Great Britain among men. According to statistics, knitting has become #3 topic for discussion in pubs and bars alongside with soccer and politics.
  6. Back in the past, it was impolite to drink less than 1,5 liters of wine per day in Bulgaria. Wine was extremely cheap, so moderate drinking was a sign of being inhospitable.
  7. It’s impolite to sit with your legs crossed during the Chinese tea ceremony. Stretching your legs towards your neighbor is almost a crime. Thus, sitting on your heels is the only available posture.
  8. It was a sign of a bad taste to buy the land in the countryside with an area of less than 1,000-1,200 square meters in Russia in XIX-XX.
  9. You can’t touch other people’s heads in Thailand. The point is Thai people are Buddhists, and according to this religion, head is a place where the soul lives, so touching the head is an offense.
  10. European noble women of XVIII-XIX centuries never visited the kitchen in their mansions in spite of the fact that they were in charge for supervising almost all the domestic work, including cooking.

So, if you were accused in misbehavior, don’t flush or cry because the world is full of conventionality. Remember that the rules of social behavior change every now and then and can become absolutely null and void in the nearest future.

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