My second day in Maine

Dear Diary,

Today is my second day in this town and I went looking for a job. Eh. But the great thing is that my best friend is going to get a job too! Hopefully, we will find an employer who needs more than one worker. We were walking around the town: restaurants, cafes, asking if they are hiring. We even went to that amusement park my mom suggested: I don’t want to work there, not even a little bit. I may have to though… The thing is: I came here too late, most of the hotels and restaurants are all set, and all the positions are filled: waitresses, hostesses, receptionists. No one is needed.

But today wasn’t all bad: I had a great time catching up with my best friend, I met her boyfriend, he seems nice, I am really happy for them.

We also went to the beach; the wind from Atlantic was freezing, but we did bathe in the sun a little. I even got sunburn. No fair – how come the weather is so terrible but I still can get sun burn? But I’ve got to admit that there is nothing like the sight of the ocean, it’s beautiful. It changes its color like ten times a day, and every single time it’s different: grey, blue, grey-blue, light-blue, dark-blue, turquoise, or even white! And here is what I really enjoyed on the beach today: I closed my eyes, listened to the sound of the ocean waves and touched the warm sand, it was an amazing feeling. I can’t recall anything that even remotely reminds it, the time literally stops when you do it. Especially when there are not so many tourists on the beach.

After the beach and all the job hunting I was exhausted and fell asleep. In an hour, when I woke up, aunt Nelly have already cooked dinner. After we ate I really wanted to go shopping, but there were two little problems: it was late and I didn’t have any money which brought me back to thoughts about job hunting. My BFF talked me into going to that park which was open until 11.30 p. m. We got acquainted with a couple of guys who worked in games, asked them how it is – working there. Their answers didn’t make me feel any better: they are not allowed to sit in the games (so they are standing the whole time), customers are not allowed to tip them (what is that all about?) and the employer doesn’t allow them socializing (says it distracts them from doing their job). But there was a girl who actually said working there was fun. She even said she met her current boyfriend at work.

My BFF says we can try and work there for a while – they got two spots open. But I don’t know… It doesn’t sound fun at all. We’ve got to make a decision and come back before they hire all the staff they need. It is going to be a tough choice.

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