What Is Real Happiness

Nobody can really define what real happiness is. Some say that it is a joy out of life and other think it is when you achieve the goals they had set before. Some psychologists believe that happiness is a skill that can easily be developed within one’s personality. Happiness never lasts for a long time; it’s kind of an immediate occasion as a person also needs the time of rest as well as some hardly bearable events that remind us of our being happy.
Do you remember how you used to laugh when you were a child? The reason to laugh wasn’t so complicated as today; a funny cartoon character was enough to start laughing out loud. I believe one should be quite relaxed all the time to be open for happiness and stick to the healthy lifestyle.
We constantly need to be encouraged about our past good deeds and achievements instead of blaming ourselves for not fulfilling our dreams. We should also thank our life for what it gave to us, not only for good things but also for bad ones as well as they are usually make us stronger and reveal the ways to improve ourselves. Everything that happened before led to the present moment of our life: if something had happened in another way life would have never be the same as now.
One of the effective ways to be open for happiness is to clean your room: things that remind you of sad events in your life should be probably thrown away and let the bright colors fill your life through the place where you live. Surround you with photos with you and your friends or members of your family featuring the moments when you look happy and free-minded. Looking at these we are sort of coming back to the past and feel in the same way.

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