How to strengthen your relations.

They say that it is not a problem at all to build relationships. The most difficult task is to maintain them. We fall in love but we tend to make too many mistakes and sooner or later our relations do not work. It happens quite often and we do not know what to do. Strangely enough but it happens so that our love for someone is accompanied with fear, disappointment and even desperation. Why so? Well, obviously you do something wrong or probably your feelings are wrong. It means that you try to persuade yourself as well as your partner in something that does not exist. Sometimes we ostensibly love somebody while the feelings are not true. It happens when we just need someone to be with us. We just want someone to take care, pay attention and support when we need it. We do appreciate it but our feeling can be deceptive indeed. If so you may find yourself some time later in desperation without any idea why it happens.

Another problem that you may face is the situation when you realize that your partner is not much interested in relations as you do. It seems like you love each other but something doesn’t work. Keep in mind that relations require not only feelings but respect and trust as well. Respect yourself and your partner. Sometimes couples manage to neglect it. It seems like everything is fine but you may focus your attention on some details that may irritate you and quarrel with your partner on trivial matter. Do you really need it? It is everything you are dreaming about? Be honest to your partner and to yourself.

Quite often we fail because of lack of communication. It is not good at all. Talk out absolutely everything. Well, it doesn’t mean you should bother your partner. Keep balance. But you should remember that it is just impossible to keep relations without revealing your feelings, ideas, fears, views, just everything you are interested in.

Never repeat the mistakes you have already made no matter when it happened. It is great indeed if you commit your faults but it would be nothing if you make the same mistakes over and over. Try to learn from it and just remember that bad experience is still an experience.

And finally do not pay much attention to past events. What done is done and some things are impossible to change. Past is the past and try not to mess everything around.

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