What Women Usually Try To Change In Men

A woman is known for her desperate eagerness to change some cons in men which only she may particularly care of. This may occur either consciously and unconsciously and men just have to make it clear if they agree with those changes or they are not. In case if you don’t want to change at all even if it means improving your personality or this way finding out some advantages in life you will need to dot all the “i”s straight off the reel otherwise it might lead to major fights and serious troubles in relationship.

Let us stress out some most frequent factors that women are tend to criticize and try to modify.

  • Your clothing style. So you think that black and dark green perfectly match or you assume that you can wear the same T-shirt 4 days long? If you are still sure about your decent fashion style and original and unique approach to this matter you had better stick to your opinion. To avoid going shopping together would be a good solution. Although, if your girlfriend hand a clothing item to you as a gift, just smile and thank her kindly.

  • Your eating habits. A woman is constantly trying to exclude any junk food from your daily ration. She is definitely carrying about you health and cooks any kind of diet food for you. Cook yourself sometimes and thus you will have a chance to eat your favorite meals or take part in buying food with her.

  • Your friends. Your girlfriend is attempting to break off your habit to hang out with your unmarried friends and this is quite a common situation for cause she is merely afraid of the influence your buddies can produce on you. She also can’t figure out what kind of places you are visiting together. Don’t hesitate to discuss this issue with her including the positive qualities your friends possess. It wouldn’t be bad if you take her with you several times so that she could see for herself that you weren’t cheating on her or something..

  • Your most preferred activities. She may want you two to have common hobbies and interests and it is quite possible to achieve. Moreover you don’t have to forget what you used to be fond of before. Manage your time you are spending together and the time you wish to spend by yourself doing what you like or try to involve her to your own hobbies, as an option.

  • Petty bad habits. Even if she is okay with the fact that you are sometimes going out with your bachelor friends there is always a way she could try to change you. For example, paying extra attention to your tiny disadvantages like drinking beer watching football, leaving socks under the bed or avoiding shower for 2 days, and so on. It is not really a motive to start criticizing her little habits that annoys you, even in a joking mode. Just try to discuss such things in order to come to term with them immediately.What Women Usually Try To Change In Men

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