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He is respectable, imposing and quite handsome, but even active sport and care can’t hide his age – he’s almost twice older than you … Or a bit less? Or more? That makes no sense. It’s all about your upcoming marriage, which belongs to misalliance. So what does a young woman have to do to build long-term relationships with her older husband? It’s not that easy.

There are at least three main types of men who get married to younger women. Marriage with each of these types of men has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is an American organization aimed to prevent people from drunk driving also paying much attention to the issues of underage drinking. The organization is based in Irving, Texas. It was established by Candice Lightner in 1980. Her 13-year-old daughter Cari was killed by a drunk driver in Fair Oaks, California. Lightner left the organization 5 years later. In fact “she disassociated herself from the movement in 1985 because she believed the organization was headed in the wrong direction”. Nowadays she accepts MADD as the organization that deals mainly with alcohol. But her initial idea was to deal with drunk driving only.

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Each person chooses his own way to maintain healthy living. Some consider herbs and vegan diet to be the best treatment while the others are devoted to sports and physical exercises. However the mot part of average people still prefer the chemical treating to the natural one. The pharmaceutical chemistry is the section of applied chemistry that aims to describe and synthesize the substances which are used as medicines and the medicinal agents to improve the effect of a certain drug.

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