History of Pharmacology

Each person chooses his own way to maintain healthy living. Some consider herbs and vegan diet to be the best treatment while the others are devoted to sports and physical exercises. However the mot part of average people still prefer the chemical treating to the natural one. The pharmaceutical chemistry is the section of applied chemistry that aims to describe and synthesize the substances which are used as medicines and the medicinal agents to improve the effect of a certain drug.

The pharmacology is a separate science but it has to use the studies of the allied fields of knowledge and the data of biology and physiology. The appearance of the pharmacology and establishing it as an official studies in the beginning of the sixteenth century. In that period of time the medical chemistry called yatrochemistry forced out the alchemy. The father of yatrochemistry was Theophrastus Paracelsus, who claimed that the science of chemistry should help the people to support their health but not serve the greed. In the Middle Ages the main aim of chemistry was the search of the way to turn any metal into gold.

The first drug stores were called “apotheca”. This is a term of the Greek origin which denoted a small shop with all the necessary products being sold there. The first drug stores appeared in the East Arabia. The ancient Arabic manuscripts on chemistry contained the endless number of methods and ways to prepare the medicines. The Eastern ancient drug stores used to offer their clients various smelling salts, pills and powders. The popularity of drug stores came to Europe during the age of Crusades.

Since the middle of the eighteenth century the pharmacology has started developing close connections with the general chemistry and the drug stores turn into the research laboratories. The outstanding chemists of that epoch come from the sphere of pharmacologists. They are Nicolas Lemery, Carl Wilhelm Scheele, Guillaume François Rouelle and others. One can easily notice that general chemistry and pharmacology grew tightly bound during that time.

At the present time thousands of medical substances are synthesized each year but only a few of them manage to make through the numerous safety and eligibility tests.

The synthesis of the drugs is generally been carried out in the three ways: the empirical method (occasional inventions), streamlined synthesis (imitation of the natural molecule structure) and the purposeful designing of artificial structures.

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