My old beloved…

He is respectable, imposing and quite handsome, but even active sport and care can’t hide his age – he’s almost twice older than you … Or a bit less? Or more? That makes no sense. It’s all about your upcoming marriage, which belongs to misalliance. So what does a young woman have to do to build long-term relationships with her older husband? It’s not that easy.

There are at least three main types of men who get married to younger women. Marriage with each of these types of men has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

So, perhaps you fell in love with a good old womanizer. Keep in mind, he’s experience about women. But don’t be afraid, because all his ex-wives did some work to improve him. So now he knows how to give a lady the right treat, which present to make, why a fur coat and flowers are good gifts, but a mixer is a bad one. He knows what to do when a woman is stressed out or depressed. But there are some disadvantages. He is married not for the first time. He has all grounds to compare you and his ex-wives or lovers. One of his lovers cooked perfect, the other liked to wash dishes and to iron his shirts, and the third was brilliant in bed. Such a man is spoiled and he wants his new young wife to be able to do all these things perfect, in other words he wants a superwoman. Well, on the other hand, you have a incentive to improve yourself.

The next type is an “overripe fruit”. These are men who didn’t married till their 40 or 50. And then one day such a man realizes that he needs a wife, because someone has to give him a glass of water when he is old and senile. Such bachelors are ready to take responsibility and to create a family. They have good apartment, a nice job, they are steady on their legs and the main thing is that they are serious about marriage, children and a wife. Such a man will help you to solve any problem, he can give a reasonable and wisepiece of advice. However, there is still one “but”. It is possible that this “overripe fruit” knows his own worth pretty well: he could be spoiled, selfish, demanding servile love. In his opinion you’re lucky to be chosen by him. So be careful with such a man.

There’s one more reason for an older man to get married to a younger girl. I’d call it ‘a sexy flash’. No fool like an old fool. The most popular scenario is like this: a man lives with his wife, they are peers, everything is quite all right. And then, bang!! A midlife crisis happens to him, and, suddenly being unsatisfied with his life, he falls in love with a young Lolita. They have passion, magical sex, adventures, everything is perfect for both of them. Such a marriage is preceded by a whirlwind romance, living for two houses and as a result a severe divorce with his first wife. But it’s one thing when such unequal in age people just hang out, while the other is when they start their normal family life. A young wife takes off her stockings and high heels and becomes “a pregnant and barefoot near the stove”. Her husband sees the same picture he used to see in his first family. His passion little by little subsides. It often happens that some time later a man notices that his new wife can’t cook that well in comparison with his ex-wife and that a new wife is sloven. And so ‘a lost cat’ returns back home to his “old” wife who is ready to forgive him.

Well, if you are in love with an older man, try to be serious, caring and responsible. Be in good relationships with his children from the first marriage and if it’s possible with his ex-wife. And you’ll see all the advantage of this marriage!

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