Animals Which Make the Work for People

Animals are practically perfect employees – they do not ask for raise or promotion, are ready to work extra hours and perform even the most unexpected and difficult tasks. No wonder, that some animals became irreplaceable helpers of human beings.

We got used to the fact that dogs often perform the role of guides for blind people. However, there are not the only animals to serve in this way. Ponies can deal with this task no worse than dogs. Besides, they live longer than dogs, they are not interested in cats or birds so their attention will be devoted entirely to you. Ponies are very useful in the Muslim world, as the Muslims consider dogs to be impure animals and do not allow them into the house. However, pony-guides have some disadvantages as well – due to their size it is harder to travel with them by bus, plane or other public transport. Besides, ponies may get frightened and kick you.

Ferrets also proved to be of much use for people as they lay the cable and clean pipes. The first case of using ferrets for this task took place in 1999. Peterson Air Force Base in the USA faced the necessity to lay the cable through the pipes 12 meters long which appeared to be extremely difficult mission. However, a ferret with a cable attached to it performed this work within an hour.

Farming is another sphere of human activity where the animal labor was used. The farmers of Tesco Company decided to hire predatory spiders to get rid of insects which damage fruits and vegetables. The customers, however, were far from being glad to find such “gardeners” in the packages of food, so the idea appeared to be great only on the paper.

Sometimes animals are used for illegal purposes, like, for instance, in case with pigeon-smugglers. These birds are known to carry small objects and recently they were involved in the drug traffic by some Colombian drug lords. They attach small bags filled with drugs to the birds and send them to desired destination. In South Africa pigeons are used in diamond smuggling, so they are declared to be outlaws and are shot without remorse.

The mentioned above Colombian bands use other birds for their criminal activity as well. For instance, parrots work as patrols and warn the criminals about the appearing of the police. However, these birds on the lookout can be fooled by disguising in some other uniform. It is reported, that the police has already caught about 1700 parrots which are trained to cry out the warnings for the criminals.

Dogs are known to perform lots of useful functions, and among the most wonderful of them is their ability to predict strokes, epileptic attacks included. For minutes or seconds before the stroke they begin to behave restlessly, bark and run around a person. This talent can be explained by the dogs’ ability to notice even the slightest changes in their owner’s behavior and state of health.

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