Dress Up Like Heroines of Musicals

To become a style icon it is not necessary to follow blindly the rules of fashion. You can establish your own style which will single you out from the crowd of fashionistas. The beginning is the most difficult part so you should copy the style of your favorite heroines at first and develop your own unique image with time. Besides, imitating the style of the most vivid cinematographic divas will enliven your weekdays much. Musicals, for instance, are always interesting stories with bright and beautiful characters, so you can find some role models in them.

To look like chic Velma Kelly from “Chicago” you will not need much. The main attributes of this image are a flirty hat with curved edges and stockings with back seam. You can combine them with classical pencil skirt or a form-fitting dress with open back. Appropriate hairstyle is curls or elegant bob with a veil. The style of Velma is presented in monochromatic chocolate shades which will stress the natural charm of brunettes and ginger women.

Donna from “Mama Mia!” proves with her own example that life after fifty only begins. Her image reflects the romance of hippies and you can easily make your life brighter by repeating Donna’s style. Overalls and gumshoes of some bright color is what you need for this purpose. You can combine them with light cotton blouses, austere turtlenecks and T-shirts with prints. The trousers of your overalls can be either of traditional length or knee-long as well.

Christine from the musical “The Phantom of the Opera” is the symbol of innocence, tenderness and natural beauty. To recreate this image in real life it is not necessary to wear crinoline or grow your hair long. To be sweet will be enough. Buy hair pins in the form of flowers and wear the costumes or dresses of pastel tones, made of cotton, chiffon or silk. However, you should not overload it with massive accessorizes. Slim decorations and nude make-up will suit this innocent and tender image best.

Karen Cartwright in “Bombshell” use the image of Marilyn Monroe to achieve success in career and nothing prevents you from using the same method. Karen promotes the image of sex appeal, playfulness and flirting. Crimson lipstick, curls and narrow dress with pumps will be enough to acquire blonde charm, even if you are a brunette. This style will hardly leave any man indifferent.

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  1. this is a cool article.. I too believe one should not follow trends or fashions as if they were rules or obligations… I say forget about labels or incredibly overpriced items and looks for magazines.. sure.. those are amazing to own if you can afford them but that won’t define you or your style.. one must look for the way to translate your personality through your style, your looks, your outfits..maybe come up with a signature item that will make you stand out from the crowd… it’s all about being original.. yes.. get inspiration on trends or like you wrote here, on style icons or movie characters..but do it your own way..make it “yours”.. right?
    btw. my muse musical character would have to be Sadie from Across the Universe movie.. she’s this badass singer from the 70s with a cool vibe and totally channeling Janis Joplin which is one of my biggest inspirations… also.. Audrey Hepburn does an excellent beatnik on the movie Funny Face.. it’s kind of a musical too, right?..she dresses really cool in that one too..
    anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog, I see you’ve got quite some interesting articles here…I’ll keep in touch for sure..and about the guest post you ask,, well… thanks, I’d love to cooperate.. just let me know: ivette.mancilla@hotmail.com
    stay cool!

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