Health and Fitness

Each person chooses his own way to maintain healthy living. Some consider herbs and vegan diet to be the best treatment while the others are devoted to sports and physical exercises. However the mot part of average people still prefer the chemical treating to the natural one. The pharmaceutical chemistry is the section of applied chemistry that aims to describe and synthesize the substances which are used as medicines and the medicinal agents to improve the effect of a certain drug.

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Do you feel sick? Do you feel tired for no reason? Then you obviously need to boost your immune system. Not many of us realize how powerful the immune system is. To boost your immune system you should follow the advice I would like to share today in my post.

First of all you should give up smoking and drinking. I’m sure you know how harmful these habits are. They are destroying your immune system day by day. Just think it over what would happen to your immune system in five years. I know myself it is really difficult to quit. But once I realized that my health is more important to me. Just try.

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They say that it is not a problem at all to build relationships. The most difficult task is to maintain them. We fall in love but we tend to make too many mistakes and sooner or later our relations do not work. It happens quite often and we do not know what to do. Strangely enough but it happens so that our love for someone is accompanied with fear, disappointment and even desperation. Why so? Well, obviously you do something wrong or probably your feelings are wrong. It means that you try to persuade yourself as well as your partner in something that does not exist. Sometimes we ostensibly love somebody while the feelings are not true. It happens when we just need someone to be with us. We just want someone to take care, pay attention and support when we need it. We do appreciate it but our feeling can be deceptive indeed. If so you may find yourself some time later in desperation without any idea why it happens.

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People who would like to get thinner usually think that eating only a few grains of pea during a day would help them obtain good figure faster. It is usual that strict diets suggest avoiding starchy foods, fry and smoked meat products. But they also never show you the way how you can avoid all these unwholesome products when they are so tasty in fact.

The question that has to be answered is how does one organize our daily ration in order not to gain weight and never exhaust oneself with useless starving?

Let us try to figure out a way to treat us right so that we can keep fit and feel satisfied with the food.

  1. Eat at an easy pace. Eating process is an ambrosian pleasure you should certainly get satisfaction from. It is clear that in the rhythm of our city lives it is rather hard to do anything slowly. We have to finish our work, go shopping, communicate with colleagues and complete a lot of other petty deals. Even the dinner at 7 p. m. is usually so quick that we don’t ever get to enjoy it. And a half an hour breakfast before going to college or work seems absolutely impossible.

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