Pets & Animals

Cats are one of the nicest pets you can have – they are tender, fluffy and gracious. But at the same time, they are one of the strangest creatures in the world if domestic animals. Their language is complicated, diverse and expressive. To communicate with your cat successfully you need to understand all shades and peculiarities of their behavior and translate them into human language.

Cats deliver information with the help of their voice. In every particular situation the animal produces different sounds which vary in strength, tone and timbre. All sounds can be divided into three major groups:

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Animals are practically perfect employees – they do not ask for raise or promotion, are ready to work extra hours and perform even the most unexpected and difficult tasks. No wonder, that some animals became irreplaceable helpers of human beings.

We got used to the fact that dogs often perform the role of guides for blind people. However, there are not the only animals to serve in this way. Ponies can deal with this task no worse than dogs. Besides, they live longer than dogs, they are not interested in cats or birds so their attention will be devoted entirely to you. Ponies are very useful in the Muslim world, as the Muslims consider dogs to be impure animals and do not allow them into the house. However, pony-guides have some disadvantages as well – due to their size it is harder to travel with them by bus, plane or other public transport. Besides, ponies may get frightened and kick you.

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The most popular pets are cats. They don’t require that much care, they don’t smell, they are cute and cuddly. When one makes up his / her mind to get a cat, they have a tough choice: there are too many cat breeds and they all seem to be nice and pretty.

Here I wasn’t to list some of the cat breeds and tell you a little something about each one of them. May be this will help you to choose a breed of your future pet.

1.Maine Coon Cat.

These cats have big fluffy tails and big heads. Maine Coon cat can be of any color. The owners of Maine Coon cats claim that ever cat has its character; they are smart, helpful, very quiet and kind. Some say they almost don’t mark the territory. They don’t get as many mats of hair as Persian Cats, so it is ok to brush their hair once in a few days.

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