Style & Beauty

To become a style icon it is not necessary to follow blindly the rules of fashion. You can establish your own style which will single you out from the crowd of fashionistas. The beginning is the most difficult part so you should copy the style of your favorite heroines at first and develop your own unique image with time. Besides, imitating the style of the most vivid cinematographic divas will enliven your weekdays much. Musicals, for instance, are always interesting stories with bright and beautiful characters, so you can find some role models in them.

To look like chic Velma Kelly from “Chicago” you will not need much. The main attributes of this image are a flirty hat with curved edges and stockings with back seam. You can combine them with classical pencil skirt or a form-fitting dress with open back. Appropriate hairstyle is curls or elegant bob with a veil. The style of Velma is presented in monochromatic chocolate shades which will stress the natural charm of brunettes and ginger women.
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