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Modern life is a tough competition every day and only a successful person is able to endure it. IT is rather natiural for any person to achieve success and proceed to the top of their career. However the desire is only the first step on this way although an important one too.

What are the obstacles that get in the way to being prosperous? Doubts and the lack of self confidence, that’s for sure. Limits are usually imaginary and the reasons for limiting oneself can be the following:

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They say that it is not a problem at all to build relationships. The most difficult task is to maintain them. We fall in love but we tend to make too many mistakes and sooner or later our relations do not work. It happens quite often and we do not know what to do. Strangely enough but it happens so that our love for someone is accompanied with fear, disappointment and even desperation. Why so? Well, obviously you do something wrong or probably your feelings are wrong. It means that you try to persuade yourself as well as your partner in something that does not exist. Sometimes we ostensibly love somebody while the feelings are not true. It happens when we just need someone to be with us. We just want someone to take care, pay attention and support when we need it. We do appreciate it but our feeling can be deceptive indeed. If so you may find yourself some time later in desperation without any idea why it happens.

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It is a common story of a regular human life that people are often nervous and feel upset over some minor troubles and when it turns out that everything is fine, they start worrying over something else. It is really a bad habit that can cause bodily and emotional exhaustiveness and depletion of immune system.

There is certainly no reason ever to worry about something. Of course you are a human being, not some heartless cyborg and it is absolutely fine to show sympathy to other people and it doesn’t make you exhausted and lead to illness while worries are the display of fear.

I think a person should act in accordance with their philosophy and the things they believe in in any situation. This provides confidence in the fact that a person does everything right motivated by the best intentions. No matter what the result is it is the matter of choice that seemed the best earlier.

Living with a clear mind and immaculate conscience is the example of pure happiness despite the fact most of the people believe it is a back breaking labor. It is a joy that imbues the heart and fills one’s life with a good purpose.

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