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Animals are practically perfect employees – they do not ask for raise or promotion, are ready to work extra hours and perform even the most unexpected and difficult tasks. No wonder, that some animals became irreplaceable helpers of human beings.

We got used to the fact that dogs often perform the role of guides for blind people. However, there are not the only animals to serve in this way. Ponies can deal with this task no worse than dogs. Besides, they live longer than dogs, they are not interested in cats or birds so their attention will be devoted entirely to you. Ponies are very useful in the Muslim world, as the Muslims consider dogs to be impure animals and do not allow them into the house. However, pony-guides have some disadvantages as well – due to their size it is harder to travel with them by bus, plane or other public transport. Besides, ponies may get frightened and kick you.

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is an American organization aimed to prevent people from drunk driving also paying much attention to the issues of underage drinking. The organization is based in Irving, Texas. It was established by Candice Lightner in 1980. Her 13-year-old daughter Cari was killed by a drunk driver in Fair Oaks, California. Lightner left the organization 5 years later. In fact “she disassociated herself from the movement in 1985 because she believed the organization was headed in the wrong direction”. Nowadays she accepts MADD as the organization that deals mainly with alcohol. But her initial idea was to deal with drunk driving only.

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A woman is known for her desperate eagerness to change some cons in men which only she may particularly care of. This may occur either consciously and unconsciously and men just have to make it clear if they agree with those changes or they are not. In case if you don’t want to change at all even if it means improving your personality or this way finding out some advantages in life you will need to dot all the “i”s straight off the reel otherwise it might lead to major fights and serious troubles in relationship.

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