Cat’s Tongue – Overcoming Language Barrier

Cats are one of the nicest pets you can have – they are tender, fluffy and gracious. But at the same time, they are one of the strangest creatures in the world if domestic animals. Their language is complicated, diverse and expressive. To communicate with your cat successfully you need to understand all shades and peculiarities of their behavior and translate them into human language.

Cats deliver information with the help of their voice. In every particular situation the animal produces different sounds which vary in strength, tone and timbre. All sounds can be divided into three major groups:

  • purr with the jaw shut
  • call – the jaw gradually opens and slowly shuts down again
  • cries – the jaw is tense and always opened

Purr and churr usually expresses greeting or the intention to attract your attention. If the cat is purring it means that it is not aggressive. Mother-cats use churr to warn their kittens of some danger or to express their anxiety and excitement. Churr is a warning sound which can be addressed both to people or other animals. Deep-chested churr means that a cat is ready to protect itself.

Another aggressive sound is hiss. Your cat hisses in cases when it is scared but has no opportunity to run away. Sniff is a signal to fight with a stronger opponent. A cat sniffs when it does not know what is better – to fight or run away, and tries to scare a potential enemy.

Cat’s meowing can vary in strength and timbre. The cat produce vowel sounds when it wants to express some complaint or puzzlement.

Besides, cats use body language to express their emotions. If your pet touches you tender with a paw it means that it wants to attract your attention and asks for communication.

If the paws are put far from each other, ears are pressed to the head and the mouth is shut – your cat is probably scared.

When a cat raises its tail upwards and put her paws astride it symbolizes its waiting position. If the cat in this posture is tensed and concentrated it means that it is going to jump.

When a cat is deeply interested in something it puts its ears and whiskies astride.

If your cat exposes its belly to you it means that the animal feels completely safe. If you understand the language of your cat you are likely to provide it with such level of safety.

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