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Our life style consists of a series of everyday tasks, rituals, small traditions and seemingly insignificant details. Some of us shamble through life, some walk and some even run. The pace you have chosen is hard to change as you are getting used to it with time. However, if you are not afraid to try something totally new, to feel the beating of life all around you and become a part of it you should accelerate. To fly through life, experience various adventures and feel the real taste of happiness you will need to find people with the same desires, to join the community with the same fast and furious life style. I think you know whom I mean – the bikers’ community, devoted to speed, roads and freedom.

Motorcycle is not just a way of transportation; this vehicle changes the life of its owner once and for all. First, you have to understand that you should find spare time in your schedule to occupy yourself with the bike, perform maintenance and practice a lot to become an excellent rider. Then, you should note that motorcycling is a kind of sports and you will need to keep god physical form in order to be able to cope with it. The average weight of the vehicle is about 200 kg, so fitness and physical activity should become an essential part of your life. And finally, motorcycle is egotistic and it can make an egotist of you as well. There is no place for anybody else on its back – just you and the road, family and children forgotten for a time. But on the other hand, it is an excellent way to take a break from your everyday duties and stay on your own for a while.

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